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Tom and Jeannine Dealy at Whitman Mission near Walla Walla, Washington

At Whitman Mission near Walla Walla, Washington. Yes, we're standing on the Oregon Trail!

...to our entrepreneurial life on the road!

We’re Tom & Jeannine Dealy—out and about living our dream of traveling full time in our RV that we call Rigatoni (it's a "rig" and we "tow" it...) all over America and Canada.

And at the same time, we’re sharing our passion for network marketers just like you who also have amazing dreams! But most network marketers try to grow their businesses solely by practicing what they’re been taught—old-school recruiting tactics that are 40+ years old and fraught with frustration and a 95% failure rate.

And for those of us that are truly introverts (and that's US to a "T"!), traditional prospecting is downright miserable!

Helping Network Marketers expand their skill set and become online recruiting magnets—and exploding their business as they always dreamed of doing—is our PASSION!

Check out our most popular blog post where we share tips and tricks for getting more leads, recruiting more reps, and becoming a top earner in your company. 

Our hope is that we'll inspire you to go after YOUR DREAMS...even if they seem crazy to other people. ‘Cause living the dream life that YOU really want is totally within your grasp!

Jeannine Dealy

Founder, navigator, blogger, and adventurer
I was actually the one crazy enough to actually suggest selling our home and small farm of nearly 19 years, giving away most of our earthly possessions (thanks to my mom for the basement storage for keepsake items), buying an RV and hitting the road. After working as a marketing and communications professional for more than 25 years at Microsoft, I’ve been totally bit by the entrepreneurial and travel bugs and thoroughly enjoy building our online, affiliate and network marketing businesses (multiple streams, baby!) while traveling full time all across America.

I grew up in a family that loved camping, the Seattle Supersonics (yes, you may shed a tear since the franchise was sold years ago), and music. I love Jesus, singing my little alto heart out to a great worship set alongside my hubby's tenor, my family, the Seattle Seahawks (#GOHAWKS), and long hours with good friends, food and wine around a roaring campfire.

Tom and I recently decided to leave our last network marketing company to start fresh with an amazing company that embraces our passion for recruiting 100% online. We've learned from online marketing experts like Tim Erway, Ferny Ceballos, Kate McShea and Julie Burke how introverts like us can grow wildly successful businesses ONLINE...and we're 

I also author most of our posts on TheRealDealy.com as well as our marketing strategy behind our online and affiliate marketing business. It's so much more gratifying to market our own businesses instead of a corporation's! Whether it's sharing amazing online strategies with motivated network marketers, a delicious cup of coffee with neighbors at a campground, directions to a fabulous RV park, or a delectable, healthy recipe, I simply love helping people!

Tom Dealy

Founder, driver, networker, and adventurer
Tom is a serious jack of all trades, having spent most of his adult life swinging hammers, saws, nail guns, and big equipment control knobbies (obviously, he didn't write this). He drove dump and hazmat trucks for a time, and can right a toppled back hoe if called on to do so. He can literally move small mountains and septic tanks. So you think he can handle a 42 foot 5er pulled by a one-ton diesel dually? Like butter! If you want to talk home building and renovations, Tom's your guy…although he's leaving all that in his literal rear-view mirror. He learned online and affiliate marketing as a way to escape the utter misery of the construction industry to instead drive down a climate controlled, porta-potty free, long pants optional path. Yes, he wears pants when we're on the road!

Tom is fascinated with all things social media and online marketing, Back to Eden gardening, living a heathy lifestyle, and being an entrepreneur while adventuring through the US with his bride of 26 years. He is obliging when the Seahawks are playing (thanks Babe), and when called on to be the designated driver when we're doing "research" in wine country.

Everyone loves Tom, and Tom loves everyone. He is loyal and extremely hard working, follows rules to a fault, and simply doesn't quit when the tough gets going. And that's handy to have on the road, in business, and in all aspects of life!

Tom is very active on The Real Dealy Facebook page, where you'll see his handsome mug sharing Facebook Live tips and tricks several times a week. He also does 95% of the interaction with our active and growing community there... so be sure to Like our page, comment and share, and say "Hi" now and then!

Zoe Dealy (the good kitty)

a.k.a. Zoesmoo, Smutbucket, Cuddlemutt, the sweet one
To date, Zoe is our back seat howler whenever we're on the road. She's a sweet and sensitive 15 year old buff and gray American short-hair tabby. Zoe is a tiny thing, convinced that she's about to starve to death and ever-ready to snatch whatever morsel you will drop on the floor or leave on the counter. She's also our little lover-kitty, always attached to Jeannine if she can help it…always. She has our hearts like no pet before her.

Nougat Dealy (the naughty one)

a.k.a. Monkeymutt, Kiddercat, Butterboo, the naughty one
Nougat is our gorgeous 9 year old purebred Snowshoe Siamese. And she's always in charge (so sorry, Zoe). Nougat has given us challenges over the years, and is very persnickety about her litter box and travel conditions (we learned not to crate her or we'd have to wash her soaked travel blanket). She picks on Zoe to a fault - though most of the time we have relative truce. Nougat gives Jeannine kitty kisses most mornings if she feels like it, and so far, that's been enough to keep her on board.


It's a RIG and we TOW it...get it?!
We started out looking at a LOT of Class A coaches, toads (a vehicle that's towed behind a coach), 5ers (5th wheel) and trucks before settling on our 42 foot 2017 Grand Design Solitude 375RES fifth-wheel, and our 2018 GMC Sierra 3500 Denali HD dually. Our 5th-wheel home is spacious and comfortable with a ridiculous amount of storage and ample space to work our business and spend creative crafting time. It is completely and thoroughly BROWN, and I (Jeannine) am obsessed with finding ways to add COLOR.

Partly thanks to Tom's big rig experience and driving prowess, Pesto (our truck) pulls Rigatoni like a dream, even though she's fully loaded and (we're pretty sure) at max weight. We are SO GLAD they went with the dually tires on the truck! The back seats easily pop up if needed for stowing things behind the front seats on travel days, and the cab itself is well appointed and very comfortable. Plus, for a diesel, it's QUIET!!