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Us in Pebble Beach Resort

Hey there - I'm Tom Dealy!

The bald one  :)

My wife and I are living the most AMAZING LIFE EVER as we Travel Full Time all over America in our RV named “Rigatoni” with our two cats… But we didn’t get here by accident!

Jeannine and I have been in network marketing for 20 years and we’ve tried to build our business in many ways... like calling friends and family, spending evenings and weekends stalking wait staff at restaurants and random people at the mall, doing home/hotel meetings, and basically cold market prospecting anyone with a pulse…

But these methods only gave us mediocre results at best, year after sluggish year. It was depressing and even embarrassing. And  when we decided we wanted to hit the road full time to live out our desire to see America while we were still "young", we realized that what we were doing wouldn't even begin to provide for us.

What DID work for us was using the steps explained in this 10-day Online Recruiting Boot Camp from Elite Marketing Pro. And implementing that strategy, my friend, is what now funds our travels as we LIVE OUR DREAM NOW! And Canada is NEXT, btw…

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