Friends and fellow dreamers…

Every now and then I think we all need a reminder of the power of not giving up on a big, crazy dream.

As I write this, Tom and I are sitting outside of our rolling home on wheels that we fondly call Rigatoni. We’re basking in the sunny warmth that is Las Vegas (while much of the country is still forecasting the "S" word), enjoying wafting smoky goodness from a sizzling ribeye in our little smoker/BBQ.

Memories of our maiden trip south through Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona are still fresh… We've been gone all of three months, after all. And yes, 99% of it has been…AWESOME.

Grand Canyon panorama

Our first visit to the Grand Canyon...totally unforgettable!

This was our crazy dream for the longest time—to spend time traveling and exploring together while we build our own business from the road.

Years ago we talked about traveling around the US and Canada together and one day maybe living while we’re at it. When we spoke those words out loud, they felt nuts. I would have felt embarrassed if someone heard me proclaim to the world that one day Tom and I would spend an extended amount of time traveling—well before we would actually be retired.

When you live in a "normal world" surrounded by other people doing "normal things," you face backlash for having weird dreams.

Because, who decides to go and travel full-time while they’re still in their working years?

That's weird and unrealistic.

However, because we spoke these crazy dreams out loud, we started finding actionable ways to work towards them. We honed skills in writing and marketing so we could build our own business(s) and work them from anywhere. We made arrangements to take on consulting roles that we could manage from the road. We downsized, shedding a collection of “stuff” we rarely used and totally didn’t need. We sold our house of 19 years—shop, garden, chickens and all.

Our "Back to Eden" garden

Our amazing "Back to Eden" garden. We fed the whole neighborhood!

And after years of work, these dreams have become our day to day lives (I'm skipping all the in-between periods of doubt, self-pity, and dumb mistakes we made along the way).

I say this not to brag about how awesome we are, but just as an encouraging reminder to you that at one point every dream seems slightly crazy and insurmountable.

I think it's important to dream dreams like traveling the country or starting a business you love. If dreams are always extremely practical, it can zap the fun away. Dreams should make us excited and invigorated, and they should make us so alive we feel like we would run through a brick wall to achieve them.

So today I want to send you a note of encouragement.

That, and let you know that this new Blog is up and running (thank you for visiting!). It’s a work in progress—just like we are. And I’m good with that. If you have the interest and time, we’d love for you to read some of our posts, and then leave a comment or two if you find them helpful or interesting.

And if something really sucks or needs correcting, then please PM me in Messenger!

Anyway, the people around you may not always believe in you. And at one point your dreams may not be achievable for a year, two years, or five years down the road—but it doesn't mean they aren't worth dreaming.

Once we dared utter our vision to each other, it took us nearly two years to get to our dream of traveling full-time while we actually see places we've only read about. Every day people find ways to accomplish things that at one point seemed out of reach, and so can you.

So, if you're working toward the dream of travel or starting a business/project of your own, we'll do our best to create content that inspires and helps you along the way.

We’re right here at And we’ll see you down the road!


Oh, if you have ideas or requests for topics you'd like us to cover, please share them in the comments below. Thanks!